Fish and Duck Project

Hi Kryssie,

This will be the start of your new website. You’ll see some information from the feed-back plugin which will be using during the build. It only takes a few minutes to set yourself up, and it will save a lot of time over the course of the project. Make sure you click on the client/website owner option.

By using this product, we won’t need to keep a lot of Word documents up to date with different colour text, etc, and we won’t lose changes that are sent in emails.

If you haven’t logged in already, please log in by clicking here and type in your ID and password, then, in the dashboard, click on Fish & Duck in the very top left-hand corner.

Once you are set up, click on this link: , and it will take you to the proposed sitemap. Feel free to click on the four comments already made on the page that explains those pages, and make your own comments where necessary.

The home page wireframe is here.